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New Mercedes-Benz Vehicles For Sale In Springfield, Missouri

At Elite Automotive Group, we offer an extensive line of Mercedes-Benz cars. The Mercedes-Benz empire is continually evolving, and at our premier dealership, we keep up with ongoing trends by expanding our inventory every time a new convertible or coupe is introduced. Our lot is comprised of varying makes and models, promising variety galore. We know how overwhelming it can be to sift through a broad range of products. Fortunately, our experienced staff is qualified to field questions and help clients secure their dream car. With our expertise and your enthusiasm, you're bound to find the ideal automobile.


What is the Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE®?

PRE-SAFE® senses that a collision is about to happen by relying on a network of sensors, most of which are already part of other safety features in the vehicle. It does so by taking note of unusual driving activity; for example, it will detect when you are skidding on slippery surfaces. Once PRE-SAFE® detects the issue, it will adjust the front head restraints for optimum support, tighten the front seat belts, and close the windows and moonroof (if present) if a rollover is possible. PRE-SAFE® does this to optimize the occupants’ preparation for the activation of the vehicle’s restraint systems, such as airbags.


Welcome to Elite Automotive Group

Elite Automotive Group is proud to offer an incredible lineup of luxury cars that combine seductive styling with exhilarating performance and innovative technology. At our conveniently located Mercedes-Benz dealership in Springfield, Missouri, you'll find the opulent new C-Class, E-Class, GLK, GLE (formerly known as M-Class) and S-Class, with several trim levels, package upgrades and colors to choose from. We're also proud to offer auto repair in Springfield, and unlike mom-n-pop and chain service facilities, we carry OEM parts and staff factory-trained technicians who will properly care for your luxury car.