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What Is New With The New Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster?

Imagine you are at a green light, the road is clear, and you press down on the accelerator. The speed climbs, the suspension gets a little firmer, and the acceleration is even, but the car remains at your command. Explosive, the AMG GT S Roadster takes full advantage of its twin-turbo engine. The V8 also pushes hard, very hard. Between leather and carbon, the dashboard materials also combine luxury and sportiness. This car has the same effect on our brain as candy on that of a laboratory mouse: very quickly, we get into the habit of operating it to get our dose of pleasure. Also, one would be wrong to ignore the Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster. Its designers also suggest that this new 2019 version, and you should remember that this is a more powerful and sportier car than the previous GT S, will be in charge of keeping the 911 GT3 at bay.


Mercedes-Benz AC Repair

While your Mercedes-Benz may be loaded with innovative and thoughtful features that are designed to pamper you while you cruise around town, it also has numerous features that promote your comfort and well-being. The air conditioner is an important feature, but it is also easy to overlook when it works as intended. Periodic air conditioning service can keep it well-maintained over time, but you could have to deal with an AC repair issue at some point. When your carís air conditioner is acting up, we are the trusted team of service technicians that you can reach out to for quality service.


Mercedes-Benz Transmission Repair

As the owner of a luxury Mercedes automobile, nothing is more important than maintaining your ride. Mercedes vehicles are nothing short of impressive in every way unless there are problems underneath the hood. The transmission in the Mercedes can and will cause problems as the vehicle ages. Your driving habits may also cause additional wear and tear that interferes with the vehicle performance. When transmission trouble arises, take action and schedule service with us to prevent the stress that can quickly set in due to these problems. The sooner you respond to trouble, the sooner youíll alleviate worry.