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Mercedes-Benz Recall Check

The terrific news is that recalls are fairly common in the automotive world. With so many parts being manufactured, it's only natural that sometimes there will be an error here and there. That doesn't mean you should ignore your recall! Keep in mind that when a part or auto is recalled, it's up to you to bring your vehicle to an authorized dealership - hopefully ours - and have the recall repaired.


What's New for the 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC?

There haven't been a whole lot of changes to the 2019 GLC. Previous models had recently undergone a redesign. The 2019 GLC has performance features that are mostly the same. Mercedes-Benz has made a few tweaks to the vehicle to ensure it's more luxurious than ever. Several features have been standardized. There's a 115 volt power outlet and heated front seating, both of which were optional in past models. There's a tri-zone climate control system.


What's New for the 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE?

In 2019, the GLE from Mercedes-Benz offers more luxury, technology, and safety than before. It comes with an updated interior this model year that gives you more standard amenities plus a healthy list of optional add-on amenities. The GLE comes with standard 19-22 inch wheels with custom options to enhance your ride even more. With the availability of special exterior coat paint colors, including a Night Package, you have the option to further customize your ride even more. This year, the GLE, which comes in both an SUV and a coupe version, has more than 80 cubic feet of storage space so that you can easily pack up and go on all your weekend adventures.